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The Avertana story

In 2012, three technologists and entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to connect large industrial waste streams with global commodity markets, while at the same time substantially reducing environmental impacts.

Avertana’s primary focus is on waste slag from steel manufacturing. This solid waste, a byproduct of steelmaking, provides the raw material for Avertana’s innovative extraction technology. Using chemical processes, Avertana extracts mineral and chemical ingredients from the waste without creating any secondary waste.

To do this, Avertana has brought together the necessary capital and expertise with the proven skills to scale its industrial process from the laboratory to commercial production. It is working closely with potential customers within large existing markets eager to acquire their raw materials from more environmentally responsible sources.


Shaping a sustainable future for industry

Avertana’s vision is to ‘breathe life’ into existing industrial waste, replacing more costly and environmentally harmful processes and providing manufacturers with sustainable, “drop-in” raw materials. Our circular economy technology eliminates an existing industry waste stream, avoids new on-purpose resources mining, and has a significantly smaller carbon emissions footprint than conventional processes for the same products.

Since the beginning of industry, waste has been a constant, unavoidable result of making the various products that improve peoples’ quality of life. As the world’s population continues to grow and some resources become more scarce, there is an increasing need to match resources to societal and market needs in new ways. Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental impacts, demanding greater transparency and more sustainable practices of the companies they buy from. In turn, manufacturers are looking for ways to make supply chains more sustainable and less polluting. As a result, there is an ever-growing need to increase the efficiency of resource use and reduce waste.

Avertana’s business model takes the lead in addressing these challenges by producing high-quality raw materials for manufacturers in a cost-effective way, while at the same time reducing waste. These raw materials can substitute for or complement conventionally produced minerals and chemicals, integrating easily into existing supply chains.

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