Introducing Avertana

Avertana is a process technology company that has developed a novel, proprietary technology platform to produce everyday minerals and chemicals from industrial waste streams. Our products are bulk industrial commodities - physical products with tangible value and large, global markets.

Using a combination of inorganic chemistry, advanced materials and innovative design, Avertana turns low-value industrial residues into valuable minerals used in everyday items. Our products can be found everywhere, from paints and plastics to water treatment solutions, building materials and fertilisers.

We are developing partnerships with regional and multinational manufacturing, technology and commodity trading groups to commercialise our technology, which has been independently validated.

What we do

Avertana has developed a new chemical process to make valuable industrial minerals from low-cost resources found in New Zealand and internationally. These products are bulk commodities with global markets, used in everyday items such as paints, plastics, paper, building materials and fertilisers.

Avertana’s process uses a novel mix of inorganic chemistry, biotechnology
and advanced materials to enhance process efficiency and reduce capital
and operating costs.

Key advantages of Avertana’s process include:

  • Superior margins to existing production methods
  • Multiple products, reducing exposure to a single commodity market
  • Minimal environmental impact:
    • No raw materials mining
    • No carbon in core process chemistry
    • Zero waste - all material flows either recycled or end up as products.

Product Markets

Products from Avertana's process find use in a wide variety of industrial goods and everyday consumer products.

White Paint

Paints & Coatings

PVC Pipes




Fibres And Textiles

Fibres & Textiles

Welding Rods

Welding Supplies