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Avertana is a process technology developer focused on circular economy solutions. Our technology refines industrial waste streams into a suite of valuable mineral and chemical commodities using innovative chemistry, advanced materials and process design.

Avertana’s process offers lowest-in-industry manufacturing cost, coupled with a much smaller environmental footprint than traditional methods. Starting with titanium-bearing waste slag from steelmaking, the process converts this material entirely into saleable products, with no residual waste and significantly lower CO2 emissions.

We help our customers, and their customers in turn, to build more resilient and sustainable supply chains by making essential minerals and chemicals with less cost and environmental impact. Products of Avertana’s process are used in everyday products such as paint, building materials, paper and fertilisers.

Avertana’s waste-to-value technology helps industry to reduce its environmental footprint competitively.

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Avertana makes more efficient use of resources, by making products with a much lower environmental footprint that are cost-competitive with traditional processes. This gives manufacturers an opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint and de-risk their supply chains at no added cost.

Avertana’s products are ‘drop-in’ replacements for raw materials already used by industry, displacing traditional sources like mining and chemical processing, with no difference in quality or performance but a substantially reduced environmental impact.

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Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver


Brandon Swanepoel

Brandon Swanepoel

VP Technical & Project Director

Sean Molloy

Sean Molloy

Founder Director

Craig Vinton

Craig Vinton

VP Business Development

The concept behind Avertana originated in 2012 with three colleagues from process technology pioneer LanzaTech, which has successfully commercialised and deployed technology to convert metallurgical waste gases into fuels and chemicals. With strong backgrounds in engineering, technology scale-up, corporate finance and business development, the Founders proved the technical and commercial viability of their concept and launched Avertana to commercialise the technology in 2014.

The company has grown rapidly, attracting a team of skilled technical and commercial specialists, expert advisors, and investors. Avertana’s technical team includes several PhDs in materials science and chemical engineering, as well as deeply experienced process engineers, scientists and technologists.

In recent years, Avertana’s management team has expanded to include senior managers from diverse industry backgrounds to guide the business through its next phase of growth.

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Diverse industry applications.

Products of Avertana’s process are essential raw materials used to make a variety of everyday products. They include minerals and chemicals used in paints and coatings, papermaking, water treatment, fertilisers and building products. All products of Avertana’s process sell into large, commoditised industrial markets that meet quality-of-life needs. Demand for these product categories is linked closely to GDP growth and the emerging middle class worldwide.

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